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Walking on sunshine

As a former competitive athlete who has dealt with a couple hip surgeries, recently had a baby, and is generally just getting older, my approach to exercise has certainly evolved through the years. Throughout my pregnancy, walking was my major source of exercise, along with occasional prenatal yoga classes. Once I had my baby, I continued walking, bringing her along with me in an infant carrier. Part of me thought that I might progress to running or more intense exercise once I was fully recovered from the birth. However, with time I realized that I really enjoyed walking, so I’ve kept it going. Along with occasional yoga routines in my living room while my daughter naps in the other room, brisk walking is really all I’ve been doing, and I seriously feel fantastic. My walks have also become my time to escape from my responsibilities for a short period of time, listen to some music or a Podcast, and get some fresh air. 

Even though I know that walking makes me feel great on a personal level, I’ve been pleased to see several articles come out recently touting the many benefits of walking. One article said it boosts creative thinking, another said it helps people to age well, and yet another posits that walking reduces heart risk as much as running (!). 


Everyone needs to find the type of movement that makes them feel energized. For me, right now, it’s walking. Even though I’m not pouring in sweat or struggling to catch my breath, I somehow still feel like I’m just as fit and healthy as when I used to run or slave away on an elliptical. Movement or exercise doesn’t need to be grueling or militant. Just get out and move and notice how it makes you feel. You might find that it becomes your favorite part of the day!

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