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Pursuing new areas of interest

Starting a family can be a huge blow to your career. For both me and my husband, having our daughter means that career can’t always come first, we need to adjust our work schedules to accommodate family time, and we need to worry about both arranging and paying for child care.  However, for me there has been an unforeseen benefit of becoming a mom. Since starting a family, it has become clear to me what other areas of nutrition besides Intuitive Eating are of interest to me. For example, I’ve become really passionate about child feeding practices. Since having my daughter I’ve read extensively and taught classes about Baby Led Weaning and Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility. Another area that I’ve become interested in is lactation Read More…


When ice cream is more than just ice cream

My daughter’s asleep, the dishes have been washed, and (most of) the toys have been picked up off the floor. I walked towards the kitchen with just one thing on my mind…ice cream. I take two scoops of Double Dark Chocolate gelato (my absolute favorite Talenti gelato flavor) and ease myself onto the couch. For the next 10 minutes, there is nothing else on my mind. I’m not thinking about how I need to pack snacks for our mid-morning play date the next day, or how there are clean clothes in the dryer that need to be folded, or how there are countless emails to be answered. I take a reprieve from all of my responsibilities for a few brief moments, Read More…


Why I’m doing this

Sometimes I feel like screaming when I’m bombarded with all the diet messages in the media. When I hear my friends or co-workers talk about hating their bodies, or starting a new diet, or having a “good” eating day or a “bad” eating day, I just want to grab them and shake them (gently, of course!) and tell them that they don’t need to bother with all that crap. I want to assure them that they, too, can truly enjoy food, guilt-free, and reach their natural, healthy body shape and be okay with it. I don’t claim to be perfect or to do it right all the time, but through my own struggles I’ve found a way to make peace Read More…

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December 9, 2011 5:30 am
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