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Pursuing new areas of interest

Starting a family can be a huge blow to your career. For both me and my husband, having our daughter means that career can’t always come first, we need to adjust our work schedules to accommodate family time, and we need to worry about both arranging and paying for child care.  However, for me there has been an unforeseen benefit of becoming a mom. Since starting a family, it has become clear to me what other areas of nutrition besides Intuitive Eating are of interest to me. For example, I’ve become really passionate about child feeding practices. Since having my daughter I’ve read extensively and taught classes about Baby Led Weaning and Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility. Another area that I’ve become interested in is lactation Read More…


Respecting our post-baby bodies

“My body is full of life. My body is powerful. My body made me a mother.” I’ve been wanting to post something about accepting our post-baby bodies for a while now, but I couldn’t find the words to express my feelings about it.  Recently, however, I stumbled upon this post from a blog called “We seek joy”  that words it perfectly.  The author writes about how people say that women’s bodies are “ruined” by having babies, but that she can’t possibly be ashamed of how her body has changed after witnessing the miraculous thing that it was able to do…create and sustain a LIFE! I feel exactly the same way.  As a new member of this community of moms, I now Read More…


Intuitively pregnant

As some of you may know, I am pregnant!  I’m about 6 months along and feeling great.  Being pregnant has certainly been interesting, and even more interesting to experience as an intuitive eater. At first, I wasn’t sure if this philosophy, which has brought so much peace and well-being to my life, was fully compatible with the process of growing a human.  Friends, family members, doctors, websites, and books are constantly telling you what not to eat when you’re pregnant, which feels a lot like a diet.  Intuitive eaters like myself are decidedly anti-diet, so the suggestion that certain foods are suddenly off-limits definitely didn’t sit well with me.  Of course I care about the well-being of my growing child, and Read More…

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