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When ice cream is more than just ice cream

My daughter’s asleep, the dishes have been washed, and (most of) the toys have been picked up off the floor. I walked towards the kitchen with just one thing on my mind…ice cream. I take two scoops of Double Dark Chocolate gelato (my absolute favorite Talenti gelato flavor) and ease myself onto the couch. For the next 10 minutes, there is nothing else on my mind. I’m not thinking about how I need to pack snacks for our mid-morning play date the next day, or how there are clean clothes in the dryer that need to be folded, or how there are countless emails to be answered. I take a reprieve from all of my responsibilities for a few brief moments, Read More…


Quality vs. quantity

One of the things I love about Intuitive Eating is the idea that satisfaction and pleasure are important tenants of the philosophy, arguably even more important than actual nutrition. That may sound counter-intuitive…how can you place pleasure above nutrition and expect to be healthy and fit? Here’s how: When you experience satisfaction in your eating, you tend to need less. Satisfaction means eating what you truly want, and allowing yourself to enjoy the experience of eating it. When you eat what you think you should eat, you might get the same amount of calories, but you won’t feel satisfied, leading you to look for satisfaction elsewhere, which could result in overeating. This article talks about how foods we would traditionally think Read More…


Chocolate beignets and mindful eating

I’ve written about mindful eating in a previous post, but the concept seems to be gaining some traction these days, as I’m finding more and more articles discussing this philosophy in recent months, so I thought I’d revisit the issue. I read this article titled Think as you eat to get more from less from the Detroit Free Press, where the mindful eating philosophy is explained in a way that makes it clear that it is a close cousin to Intuitive Eating. One of the ideas discussed in the article that is also an important principle of intuitive eating is that eating should be pleasurable, and that once you notice that you are no longer deriving pleasure from the eating experience, you Read More…


Mindful eating

I saw this article in the New York Times called Mindful Eating as Food for Thought, and I thought it would be a great thing to share on this blog.  Mindful eating is a close cousin to intuitive eating, and I’m so glad to see this philosophy getting some good exposure!  The article talks about how mindful eating is a Buddhist concept, but I don’t know that it necessarily needs to be practiced within the context of any religion.   I think I might try some of the things suggested in the article, like spending the first five minutes of a meal in silence to really enjoy what I’m eating.  Taking 20 minutes to eat three raisins, however, might be Read More…

Mindful Eating
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