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Pursuing new areas of interest

Starting a family can be a huge blow to your career. For both me and my husband, having our daughter means that career can’t always come first, we need to adjust our work schedules to accommodate family time, and we need to worry about both arranging and paying for child care.  However, for me there has been an unforeseen benefit of becoming a mom. Since starting a family, it has become clear to me what other areas of nutrition besides Intuitive Eating are of interest to me. For example, I’ve become really passionate about child feeding practices. Since having my daughter I’ve read extensively and taught classes about Baby Led Weaning and Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility. Another area that I’ve become interested in is lactation Read More…


Tricks for handling Halloween treats

Halloween was probably one of my favorite holidays growing up. Yes, I enjoyed dressing up and being someone else for the day, but truth be told, I was mostly in it for the CANDY! I have fond memories of getting home from a night of trick-or-treating and lording over my stash of Halloween candy. I would lay out my loot on my bedroom floor, and my friends, sisters, and I would commence an elaborate trading session, getting into tense debates over how many Smarties one needed to trade for a Fun Size Snickers (it’s three). I will never forget the year when a trick-or-treating partner couldn’t eat any chocolate, as her doctor suspected it was the cause of migraines she Read More…


Toddlers– they’re just like us!

I had the pleasure of hosting a talk a couple weeks ago about Stress-free Toddler Feeding. About 10 moms (and a couple dads too) came to a local coffee shop to hear me talk about feeding their toddlers based on Ellyn Satter‘s Division of Responsibility (which I’ve written about before), with the hopes that they will become intuitive eaters as adults. I touched on how developmentally, toddlers are at a stage in which they are striving for autonomy, which is one of the reasons why feeding them can be so challenging. Children at this age are trying to show us that they are their own little people with their own opinions, so eating can become a power struggle as they Read More…


But, seriously…what should I eat?!

Sometimes, people who are used to diets and regimented eating plans get frustrated at the fact that I’m not going to tell them what to eat. Because I follow an Intuitive Eating philosophy, I believe that you possess the internal wisdom that tells you what, when, and how much to eat, and that my job is to help you reconnect with those internal cues. If you learn to listen to it, your gut or intuition will tell you what it wants or needs at any given moment. But, I get it…sometimes you might need a little guidance. So, while everyone is different, my advice would be that in general, eating a little bit from all food groups will not only make you Read More…


Intuitive Eating for babies

Among the many hopes and dreams I have for my daughter, one is that she be an intuitive eater. As someone who has suffered from a negative relationship with food in the past, and who sees people all the time who struggle with chronic dieting, obsessive thoughts of food, and body image issues, I sincerely hope that she never has to deal with any of these things.  Because of this, I sought out methods of feeding my daughter (let’s call her “E”) that would start her on the path towards being an intuitive eater from the very start…or rather, that wouldn’t interfere with the inner intuitive eater she has been from birth. When E was nearing the recommended 6 month mark for Read More…

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